Whilst it may seem like I’m just jumping on some sort of bandwagon as libertarian/anarchist personalities are denouncing Stefan Molyneux left and right I have a more personal experience than reading the headlines when it comes to my decision. I attempted to share my what happened and my reasons for ceasing my donations on the FDR forum where I am a “Philosopher King” (the highest level of membership due to my $600 per year donation level) only to find that my postings were all subject to moderation before being made public on the site. This is a new development for sure. The last new thread I opened at FDR prior to this attempt was back in July 2014 and my posts appeared immediately to the public after hitting the “Publish” button. As it should be. My recent post, as I suspected, has not and likely will never be seen in the FDR forum. So I remembered my Liberty.me account I opened when the site opened. I feel very compelled to share this tale as it is a great disappointment to me. It is not a vindictive or angry message it is just what happened. Having it round filed by default on the FDR forum only redoubled my want to share it. I spent quite some time composing the message and it was only from past experiences on other forums where I lost my laborious compositions due to auto-logouts or server errors before submission that I copied it to MS word prior to submission. If I hadn’t done that it’d be gone forever. I would like to preface this a bit and say that Stef has been an inspiring and life changing figure in my life. He also still has moments or brilliance for sure. The ideology of anarchism is still sound despite his actions. I have followed many personalities in my road to truth and there will be many more I hope. Some I outgrow, some I become disheartened with. Stefan would be the first to say not to practice hero worship and this is a perfect example of why. All men are flawed and make mistakes, it doesn’t mean their ideas were bad ones though. So here’s my message which was meant for the FDR forum. Please let me know what you think.

I’ve been a subscriber for about a year and a half I suppose. Cancelling was a fairly sad thing to do. I did so due to not receiving a response to the emails I’ve pasted below. The first email sent in on this subject was in October with no response. I thought for sure the subject line would grab attention, “Criticism for call in show.” The first message I sent only to Michael at operations@FDR. Coincidentally, I have a friend who, in the exact same time frame, emailed
Michael and readily got on the show. The issue I wanted to talk about was the DMCA takedowns. I’ve always paid some attention to Stef’s critics but, as I’m sure you know, their critiques are often fairly incomplete. It really annoyed me that this DMCA issue was really giving them some legs to stand on. If this show is supposed to change the world you’d think you shouldn’t leave something like that hanging. This past Tuesday I read two articles that were actually by well known anarchists who brought up the DMCA specter and I felt compelled to resend my email this time to every email address I had for Stef and crew. Again I have been met with silence from FDR. The same silence which is the clarion call to its critics.

Either the issue is off limits, which is anathema to what Stef says about the show (he is even talking to determinists again!), or they are just too busy to answer a subscriber’s (the supposed royalty of FDR) emails and concerns about the show they help to support. Whichever is the case it seems my funds may be misplaced. It is quite unfortunate for me as I have some real issues I’d have like to discuss about being a stay at home dad for 2 years now and the challenges that had presented but after the non-response to this topic I didn’t have the heart to have any other discussion. I really just thought I’d email in, go on the show, we could talk about it. Maybe I’d get kicked around a little or maybe Stefan might concede that perhaps mistakes were made but at the end of the day we’d know the truth. What has played out is pretty much the worst case scenario IMHO. It’s a sad day. I soon will be cast from the lofty ranks of Philosopher King-dom back to my rightful place of “Member”. I guess they need this issue to go away more than they need my $600 per year. See original emails below:


From Rich Clarke Tue Jan 13 19:54:21 2015
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2015 19:54:21 +0000 (UTC)
From: Rich Clarke <[********@******].com>
To: Stefan Molyneux <host@freedomainradio.com>,
Stefan Molyneux <freedomainradio@gmail.com>,
Freedomain Radio <operations@freedomainradio.com>

Hi Stef et al,

I sent this email in about 3 months ago. I never received a response or invitation back to the show. I thought it was odd but wouldn’t pass judgement until I attempted further contact as one email could conceivably slip through the cracks despite the subject “Criticism for call in show” which I thought might have caught the eye. I never did attempt
another email into FDR but now I keep seeing this issue and others growing into multi-headed hydras as they tend to do. I’d still like to talk about the issues below. On a side note I’ve been contributing $50/month for over a year so I’d like to think that alone would warrant at least a response.

See original message below.

Rich Clarke

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Rich Clarke <[**********@**********].com>
To: Freedomain Radio <operations@freedomainradio.com>
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 3:04 AM
Subject: Criticism for call in show.

Hi Michael,

Tried to PM you on the board but I guess that doesn’t work anymore.
I’ve heard it many times that Stef will bump anyone with criticism up to the front of the cue. You and I met in Austin at the Bitcoin Conference in March. I basically went to that conference to see Stefan. I’ve been a donator for about 2 years and a regular subscriber for a little over a year. I’m also a stay at home dad and have Stef to thank in part for solidifying that decision. So I’m a friendly as it were. I don’t want to criticize any arguments of the philosophy per se. I want to come on the show to speak to a couple of issues that have been trumpeted around by critics attempting to character assassinate Stefan. I’d like to go through some
of the critics arguments and see if Stefan can add additional content or insight to certain issues.

Mostly this has to do with the copyright take downs. Aside from Joe Rogan’s show I’ve not heard Stefan talk about it much but a lot of criticism has been hurled. It’d be nice to get the whole story. If he has spoken to this issue at length please do let me know so I can check that out.

There are a couple other things too I’d like to bring up if time allows

If I go on the show I’d like to do so anonymously so folks don’t think I’m glory seeking. Of course you guys know who I am and have no problem with that. If he owns me I have no problem disclosing my identity 🙂 Let me know if you think that sounds like a wise course of action

Look Forward to hearing from you

Rich Clarke